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Celebrate #Citizenship Day With Our Citizenship Project Team

Monday, September 17th 2018
Advancing Justice-LA's Citizenship Project Team
September 17 is #CitizenshipDay, an annual celebration of new U.S. citizens. At Advancing Justice-LA, we have an entire team dedicated to helping immigrants on their pathway to citizenship.
Our Citizenship Project is comprised of 14 individuals from diverse backgrounds who share in the passion of helping the immigrant community. On this Citizenship Day, the team shares why they love doing the work that they do. 
Melissa Juan, Legal Advocate: 
“I love doing the work that I do because I love being a part of a life-changing experience for each individual in the immigrant community. I learn so much from all my clients, and I love hearing their stories of perseverance and dedication. 
I enjoy helping the most vulnerable community come one step closer to reaching the American dream and become citizens of the United States, to obtain rights such as voting."
Nasim Khansari, Project Director:
“I do what I do because I see my mother in all the clients I serve. They need the same support, encouragement, and guidance she did when she came to the United States.”
Angelica Peña, Citizenship Network Manager:
“I love doing the work I do because each client reminds me of my family's own journey to citizenship and how much I have to be thankful for. #immigrantsmakeamericagreat”
Seda Norodom, Staff Attorney: 
“I like helping immigrants naturalize because I think of my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins who came as refugees. Each time I help someone become a citizen I feel like I am helping a family member become a citizen.”
Vincent Chou, Administrative Assistant:
“I like doing the work that I do because it allows me to pay homage to my family's history as refugees in the US.  When they first arrived in this country, they did not have anyone to guide them to the resources they needed.  With my job, I can be the voice for our clients that my family never had on their paths towards naturalization.”
Mark Yoshida, Staff Attorney
“I like doing this work because I get to work with wonderful coworkers to help immigrants create a stronger future for themselves in America.”
Theresa Jung, ESL/Civics Coordinator  
“I teach and help green card holders prepare for the naturalization interview and test. I like what I do because I see what the students sow in tears, they reap in joy. Some of them do sow in tears, quitting their job to study every night, sometimes until 2-3 am. Some of them start with tears when I assess their English level. This is why I am still doing what I am doing.”
Jenny Kim, Staff Attorney:
“Naturalization cases are special because though I can advocate in the legal aspects of a case, the client also needs to pass the English and civics exams. I appreciate that it is a joint venture to usher in new citizens into American society.”
Christine Chen, Senior Staff Attorney: 
"I love doing this work because I want to make a positive impact in people’s lives. I enjoy helping individuals take this critical step in their immigrant journey and see the life-changing effects it has on their families and our community. Immigrants are here to stay!"
Huy Tran, Citizenship Grants Manager:
“I like doing the work I do because I want to make a difference in the community.”


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