Castro v. Forever 21, Inc.


Castro v. Forever 21, Inc.: APALC, representing 19 Latino garment workers from six different sweatshops, files a lawsuit against Forever 21 and several manufacturers and contractors making clothing for Forever 21 alleging unfair and unlawful business practices and seeks unpaid wages, damages, and penalties. Although the case is initially dismissed with prejudice by the U.S. District Court, APALC briefs, argues, and wins a Ninth Circuit appeal. In 2004, the case is refiled in state court with additional 14 workers.  It settles in December of that year and includes a commitment by Forever 21 to take steps to promote greater worker protection in the local garment industry. The case and campaign is the subject of Made in L.A., an award-winning documentary film which is broadcast nationally on PBS and receives an Emmy nomination in 2008. 

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Impact Litigation