Kenny Chiu Case


Kenny Chiu case: A white man stabs Kenneth Chiu, a 17-year-old Taiwanese American, to death in Laguna Hills. Prior to Kenny’s death, the Chiu family had experienced constant vandalism of their house and an anti-Chinese racial epithet scratched on their car. The killer – the Chius’ neighbor – later boasts that he is proud of the stabbing and that he acted “like … a klansman.” The perpetrator is found not guilty by reason of insanity in September 2003. APALC supports the Chiu family through the criminal trial and plays a key role in outreaching to ethnic media and community groups about the prevalence of hate incidents against Asian Americans. APALC also co-sponsors a state bill (“Kenny’s Law”) with Assemblymember Judy Chu that provides increased protection for hate crime victims and their families. 

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Policy and Research