September 11, 2001


Following the September 11th attacks on the east coast, South Asians and other immigrants are randomly targeted because of their appearance. In October 2001, Sundeep, a 27-year-old Indian American man, is attacked by a group of other Asian Americans who blame him for 9-11. The perpetrators yell racial slurs and profanities, while they punch and kick him and his family in the parking lot of a karaoke bar. Sundeep suffers a shattered jaw and split lip and members of his family also sustain injuries. In response to a sharp spike in the number of hate crimes after 9-11, APALC works closely with South Asian and other organizations to expand hate crimes awareness and to assist victims. In Sundeep’s case, APALC urges the local police department and District Attorney’s office to investigate the attacks as a hate crime and facilitates the involvement of the F.B.I. and U.S. Attorney. 

Area of Work: 
Policy and Research