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Asian Journal: Supreme Court tied on immigration ruling

Jun 23 2016

Deadlocked decision leaves fate of undocumented immigrants hanging

The Supreme Court arrived at a deadlocked decision on President Barack Obama’s contested immigration policies on Thursday, June 23, leaving the fate of as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. uncertain.

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Manila Bulletin: Asian, many out of shame, not seeking U.S. deportation protection

Jun 21 2016

By Alex Dobuzinskis, Reuters

South Korean-born Hyun Kim feels American to his bones, but the undocumented immigrant has failed to seek protection from deportation under a program launched by President Barack Obama to shield young people brought to the United States as children. The 20-year-old Kim, who dreams of attending a U.S. college and works as a barista in the Virginia town where he grew up, is like many of the more than 100,000 Asian immigrants who are eligible for Obama’s program but have not applied.

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Hartford Courant: Arts & Ideas Panel Tackles Millennials, The Election, The American Dream

Jun 16 2016

Political engagement is essential in any election year. The 21st century, however, presents new challenges. Millennials — hard-hit by the economic downturn — are increasingly pessimistic. How can this enormous demographic be roused to political engagement? And in an age where people get most of their information on the internet and initiate their social interactions online, how has the nature of political engagement changed?

Read more » Trafficked Filipino bakery workers in Calif. hail $15M award

Jun 14 2016

LOS ANGELES — ”I don’t care if there is no customer or if the customer is a fly or a mosquito, you are not allowed to take a break to eat.”

This was one of the incidents with one of the defendants related by Gina Pablo-Grossman, one of the 11 plaintiffs in the successful lawsuit against the owners of L’Amande bakeries, as she and others met June 9 with the community and media here to celebrate their landmark legal victory.

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Rappler: Trafficked OFWs in California win $15M in damages

Jun 13 2016

MANILA, Philippines – A California District Court recently granted 11 trafficked overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) a default judgement of $15.2 million (P700 million) in damages and fees.

The workers were trafficked to the United States to serve as domestic servants and kitchen staff to high-end bakeries owned by defendants Analiza and Goncalo Moitinho de Almeida. They were subjected to abusive conditions, including 17-hour workdays and $3 (P138.23) per-hour wages.

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ABS-CBN News: Trafficked Pinoy bakery workers celebrate visa victory

Jun 11 2016

LOS ANGELES - With their families by their side, along with Congressman Ted Lieu and the Asian Americans Advancing Justice, eleven Filipino bakery workers celebrated a sweet victory receiving their trafficking visas.

"The joy we felt after all these years of stressful situation is indescribable," said bakery worker Armie Dela Cerna.

"They're now able to have some relief for at least three years and we really have appreciated their courage to stand up," Stewart Kwoh of Asian Americans Advancing Justice said.

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Fox LA: Visas for eleven victims of human trafficking

Jun 10 2016

Eleven Filipino guest workers now have visas to work in the U.S. The workers, as one says, are "survivors" of human trafficking.

Earlier, they won a 15-million dollar judgment again L'Amande French Bakery. Their attorney says the Torrance and Beverly Hills bakeries are now closed.

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