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Monica Avila, LDIR Alumni Network Member

I am a graduate of the LDIRs in Health class of 2005-2006.  I felt compelled to join the LDIR Alumni Network because of the powerful impact the LDIR program had on my personal life, and because of the powerful work LDIR continues to do in communities that usually don’t have a voice: immigrants, queer communities, our youth, and single mothers.

I’ve had so many personal breakthroughs while being involved with LDIR, and I have learned so much about myself and the roles I play out (and that get played out on to me) as a woman of color, a mother, a teacher, and an activist.  Most importantly, LDIR never tried to invalidate my feelings. In fact, I remember the most impactful moment of the program was when Carmen (LDIR’s Program Director) told me that I did have the right to be angry, that I wasn’t crazy. At that moment I felt a huge weight lifted, and I was inspired to challenge myself in every possible way.

LDIR has helped me to make sense of the systematic racism, classism and sexism that directs our society here in America, and sadly, most of the world. LDIR gave me the tools I so desperately needed to make positive changes in my personal life, my family, and my community. By staying involved with LDIR, I continue to learn and grow.

I am a proud monthly donor, and I know that my little donation is just part of my way of giving back and saying thanks.  I am so grateful for all the love and support the amazing LDIR staff gives day after day. They continue to keep the struggle for social and human justice alive, even after 20 years!

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Our helplines prioritize assistance to low-income persons in the following areas of law: discrimination, family, immigration, public benefits, employment, housing, and civil rights. 

English: 888.349.9695
中文: 800.520.2356
한글: 800.867.3640
Tagalog: 855.300.2552
ภาษาไทย: 800.914.9583
Tiếng Việt: 714.477.2958


Our mission is to advocate for civil rights, provide legal services and education, and build coalitions to positively influence and impact Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders and to create a more equitable and harmonious society.